National Sleep Awareness Week March 1-8, 2015

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre joins National Sleep Foundation in their focus to bring sleep
awareness and education to the public. Click Here for more details


What Happens to Your Body If You Don’t Let It Sleep .. By Dr. Mercola. Click Here  
Snoring 'can raise cancer risk five-fold' - Daily Telegraph ... Click Here  
Fox reporter suffers with TMJ. ... Click Here  

The use of acupuncture to treat tension type and migraine type headaches is well documented. Here is an excerpt from an article by Charles Vega MD, et. al.: January 26, 2009 - Acupuncture is at least as effective as prophylactic drugs for migraine and may also benefit some patients with frequent tension-type headache, 2 large reviews conclude. "The data suggest that in about half of patients, acupuncture decreases the frequency of migraine or frequent tension-type headache by about 50%, which is quite similar to other effective treatments for these disorders," lead reviewer Klaus Linde, MD, from the Center for Complementary Medicine Research at Munich Technical University, in Germany, told Medscape Psychiatry... Compared with drug treatments, acupuncture has fewer side effects, although some patients are adverse to needle insertion"

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Functional Orthodontics

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Dental Arches that expand in patients of ALL AGES 
(up to and beyond 70 years old!)

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